Prior to the outbreak of civil war, Syria was a relatively prosperous nation. It had an advanced educational system and a fairly large middle class. All that is now in ruins, brought down by sectarian violence. The resulting humanitarian crisis is marked by the displacement of millions of people whose homes are no longer safe.

In response, Canada and a number of other countries are working with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees to resettle the most vulnerable of them — families whose financial resources are gone, women alone with children, victims of torture or abusive violence, the elderly. These are men, women and children for whom life in a refugee camp is no longer a safe or viable option. They need sanctuary now.

Selection Process

Refugees from the Syrian conflict who seek protection in Canada pose little or no risk to our security. On the contrary, like millions of new arrivals before them, they bring hope and a determination to contribute to their new home as productive citizens.

Before any refugee family arrives in Sackville, they will have passed through a careful screening process, aimed at protecting their own safety, security, and health, as well as that of Canadians. Both the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Government of Canada review and evaluate candidates in terms of both their vulnerability and their security status. Once selected, they undergo additional interviews, checks, and verifications. Full medical examinations are conducted, including screening for communicable diseases before they depart for Canada.

For a more in-depth briefing on the security and health screenings processes, we encourage you to visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

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