On Feb 7, come celebrate Sackville’s generosity!

A Celebration of Kindness

  • Sponsored by the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition and the Town of Sackville
  • Sunday, February 7, 2016, from 2 to 3:30 pm
  • Council Chambers, Sackville Town Hall

In October, the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition (SRRC) was formed as a local response to the Syrian refugee crisis created by the ongoing civil war in Syria, a community initiative dedicated not only to sponsoring but also to welcoming refugees and refugee families.
The positive, compassionate and collaborative response of the town was overwhelming: enough money was quickly raised to sponsor three families; we can almost furnish three apartments; and many more people are expressing their willingness and support to be part of the welcoming community.
On Sunday, February 7, let’s celebrate this kindness together! If you have donated money, household items, time, or goodwill, or want to be part of the welcoming community to ease the integration into Sackville life of new residents, please drop in to this informal event. It is open to everyone, regardless of whether you have had opportunity to give. Refreshments will be provided, and brief remarks will be offered by the Mayor, the University President, and the SRRC chair.