How to help

Welcoming new families to Sackville is a community-wide undertaking. On this page you will find descriptions of the volunteer groups that are working to prepare for their arrival. Under each heading is a brief description of the purpose of the group, its progress to date, and what still remains to be done. Your participation is invited. To ask a question or offer help, click the link under your area of interest.


We’re happy to report that the fundraising campaign is concluded. More than $100,000 was raised in about six weeks — enough to ensure successful sponsorship of three Syrian families. Watch this space for updates on what your generosity will achieve.


We’re also happy to report that suitable housing for three families has been located within the Town of Sackville. While arrangements are still to be finalized, it appears our new neighbours will have permanent accommodations awaiting their arrival.

Furniture and equipment

The goal of this group is to have fully furnished and equipped housing ready for occupancy by the time the new families arrive. If you are able to assist with this important work, please send a message via the Housewares link on our Contact page. URGENTLY NEEDED ITEMS include the following:

  • Single bed frames – 9
  • Chests of drawers – 5
  • Bedside tables – 10
  • Lamps – 5
  • Coffee tables – 2
  • New pillows and pillow slips – 14
  • New or nearly new bath towels
  • Dresser – 1

Other household items still needed include the following:

  • Single mattress – 3
  • Single box spring – 4
  • Single sheet set – 1
  • Queen/double sheet set – 2
  • Queen/double duvet and cover – 2
  • Kitchen/dining room chairs -2
  • Bath towels – 7
  • Mirror – 1
  • Face cloths – 8
  • Hair dryer – 2
  • Laundry basket – 1
  • Set of shower curtain rings – 2
  • Set of cooking pots – 1
  • Set of cooking knives – 2
  • Set of mixing bowls – 2
  • Pair of oven mitts – 1
  • Mop and bucket
  • Small tool kit – 2
  • Microwave – 2
  • TV – 1
  • DVD player – 2


    Most refugee families will arrive in Canada with very little in the way of clothing, especially items suited to the Maritime winter climate. While we do not know the exact composition of the families coming to Sackville, we are seeking donations of new or very gently used, clean clothing of all sizes, for men, women, teenagers, and children.

    All intimate apparel (underwear, pyjamas, etc.) must be new.

    Donations of clothing may be dropped off daily inside the front door of the Mount Allison University Chapel. To make enquiries, please e-mail Clothing via our Contact page.

    Volunteer assistance

    Once new families arrive in Sackville there will be many opportunities to help them feel at home. An active welcoming committee has been set up to assist them with paperwork, government forms, and the logistics of banking, medical and dental services, and to be on call 24/7 for the first month.

    Beyond the immediate needs of the first month, help may be needed with services like language training, transportation, child care, shopping, social and cultural connections and many others.

    If you feel you have time and talents that could be used to enhance the overall experience of the newcomers, please indicate your interest and availability by emailing Volunteers via our Contact page.

    * Please note, volunteers who interact directly with the family will be asked to have a police check completed by the local RCMP.

  • Student engagement

    The focus of the Awareness Campaign and Student Perspective working group (ACSP) is the power and insight of youth. Student voices form a large part of the Sackville community and can be very powerful if coordinated and directed. The group’s goal is to raise community-wide awareness and support, with special focus on student involvement, from primary school through university,and to foster town-wide support for the SRRC.

    Pre-Christmas, ACSP worked a booth at Sackville’s Midnight Madness, raising over $700. The group has also presented a PowerPoint about SRRC’s goal to community organizations including the Rotary Club,Mount Allison’s Presidential Council, and the Town Council. Currently, presentations are being coordinated at local Sackvilleschools and churches . To reach the ACSP group, please direct your enquiries to Student engagement via the Contact Page.