How to help

Welcoming new families to Sackville is a community-wide undertaking. On this page you will find descriptions of the volunteer groups that continue to work to settle Sackville’s newcomer families, and prepare for the arrival of future newcomers.

Under each heading is a brief description of the purpose of the group, its progress to date, and what still remains to be done. Your participation is invited. To ask a question or to offer help, click the link under your area of interest, go to our Contacts page, or contact us through our Facebook page.


We’re happy to report that the first phase of our fundraising was wildly successful. Between October 2015 and January 2016, about $120,000 was raised, enough to support sponsorship of three refugee families.

In 2018, we anticipate launching Phase 2 of our fundraising campaign. We have begun the process of private sponsorship to reunite our families with other members of their families who are still in danger. This process is slightly different from the process we initially followed (for more information, see our “Why SRRC?” page), and generally takes a little longer for resettlement to start. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information!

In the meantime, if you would like to donate, please visit Donations. If you would like to help organize some fundraising initiatives, please contact us.


We’re also happy to report that suitable housing for all of our families was located within the Town of Sackville. Thank you to the property owners who have assisted us along the way!

Furniture, Equipment, and Clothing

At the moment, we are not in need of household equipment, furniture, or clothing. We are very grateful to those of you who generously donated items to help us provide a warm welcome to the families. If you have any questions about potential future needs, please feel free to email Housewares enquiries via our Contact page.

Volunteer assistance

When new families arrive in Sackville, there are many opportunities to help them feel at home. An active welcoming committee remains in place to assist them with paperwork, logistics, orienting them to life in Canada and Sackville, and any other needs they have during their year of sponsorship.

There are many ways volunteers can be involved: tutoring, conversational English, transportation, child care, shopping, cultural and social connections, friendship, and many other services. If you have time and talents that you can share with the newcomers, please email Volunteers via our Contact page. We can promise an enriching experience.

*Please note that while sponsored families are under the responsibility of the SRRC, volunteers who interact directly with the families are required to have a police check completed by the local RCMP, with no exceptions.

Student engagement

High school and university student involvement has been crucial to the success of the SRRC. Students have raised money, donated clothing and household items, provided play time and child care services for the children, tutored, participated in community awareness activities, and helped in many other ways. If you are a student, or belong to a student group, and would like to be involved, please direct your enquiries to General inquiries via the Contact page.