Community Update for Supporters of the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition

The Songolo Ramazani family will be reunited this fall in Sackville, thanks to the ongoing generous support of the Sackville community, and a productive partnership between the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (through the Middle Sackville Baptist Church) and the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition. This is the first family reunification sponsorship emerging from the SRRC sponsorships initiated four years ago, and the end of two long years of family separation for the Songolo Ramazani family.

Shortly after Mwali Asha Mzuliwa arrived with her family in Sackville in June 2017, the SRRC completed a Named Sponsorship Application designed to bring her mom, Ungwa, sister, Bawili (age 14), and brother, Leroi (age 17), to Canada. The process was expected to take up to 61 months, but in August, the SRRC received word that the process was moving much more quickly, and last week we learned that they will arrive before Thanksgiving!

Both the SRRC and the Songolo Ramazani family are thrilled that the process has gone so quickly. Since Mwali and Jafari left Kakuma Refugee Camp, Ungwa and her children have been dependent on the support of the Congolese community members there. Conditions in the refugee camp are very difficult, with frequent food shortages and violence very common. It was unimaginable to believe this family would ever be reunited, and now that dream is becoming reality.

Because this is a private sponsorship, the SRRC is responsible for 100% of costs associated with supporting Ungwa and her children during their first year in Canada. The SRRC is accepting financial donations through the Middle Sackville Baptist Church, in person, online, or by e-transfer to < Please specify that funds are for the SRRC Refugee Sponsorship. All donations will receive an official tax receipt.

Once the family has arrived there will be a call for specific donations of clothing and household goods, as well as any additional volunteer needs.

Please also join us for our upcoming Community Meeting: Moving 4ward Together: 4 Families, 4 Years, 4Ward. This event will take place Tuesday October 15 at 7pm in Crabtree Auditorium on the Mount Allison University Campus. As we enter our 5th year, we are celebrating 4 successful Blended Visa (BVOR) refugee sponsorships, as well as preparing for two private/family reunification sponsorships. Hear from newcomers, as well as those closely involved with the families, learn about what is upcoming, and find ways in which you can help. Enter for a chance to win a Sackville-themed rocking chair, and treat yourself to delicious finger food samples from around the world!

For more information on how you can help, get in touch with us at and follow us on Facebook.