The Sackville Refugee Response Coalition is a broadly based, voluntary alliance of organizations and individuals, formed to engage the people of Sackville in welcoming Syrian refugee families as new arrivals to our town.

Why is this necessary?

Kenyan-born poet Warsan Shire explains the refugee experience this way, in her poem “Home.”

no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land…
no one leaves home
until home is a sweaty voice in your ear
saying leave, run away from me now
I don’t know what I’ve become
but I know anywhere is safer than here.

The Challenge?

We have an opportunity to demonstrate that Sackville, New Brunswick, is a welcoming community, ready and able to offer a safe new home to people whose former homes are safe no more.

And the good news?

Thanks to hundreds of generous Sackville residents, the fundraising phase of our project has succeeded beyond all expectations. The cost of sponsoring a single family is about $30,000. At the beginning of 2017, donations received total more than $120,000. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, whether financially, through donations of clothing and furniture, helping set up apartments, and in so many other ways!

The other exciting news is that in July, 2016, we welcomed our 1st Syrian family to Sackville. In September, our 2nd Syrian family arrived, and just this month (June, 2017) we welcomed our 3rd family, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Now the real task begins!

We invite you to explore this site often for progress reports and to learn more about how you can help Sackville be a welcoming community.

The Sackville Refugee Response Coalition has been pleased to welcome two refugee families from Syria and a Congolese family to our community over the past few months.

The most important factor in the settlement of our families has been the participation of the Welcome Committees for each family. This committee is responsible for greeting and welcoming the family and helping them settle into life in Canada and in Sackville, doing everything from setting up bank accounts, accompanying them to medical appointments, helping them navigate daily activities such as grocery shopping, and many other things.

Our third family, a family of five from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has just arrived, and we would love to have your assistance in helping them settle in to Sackville.

If you are interested in participating in an experience that will be life-changing, please go to our Contacts page, or send us a message through the SRRC’s Facebook page. Please check our Facebook page for updates and requests as they arise.